Liliyot Restaurant

Mr. Allan Barkat owns the Liliyot Restaurant which provides training to teenagers between 16 to 18 years of age. The training program is 2 – 3 weeks and its paid. Each program has 15 students and a social worker to manage their training. Nearly two-thirds of the students pass out successfully. These teenagers are mostly the ones who had a troubled life because of drugs and violence. This their second chance for a normal life. The restaurant functions as a Profit organization but spilts its 50% of its profits for Not-for-profit activities. The restaurant also provides software job oppportunities for disabled people. Liliyot has five restaurants in Tel Aviv. The management has a retail store in Jaffa with a girl who was a drop out. Mr. Barkat started of as a hi-tech entrepreneur and then became a Venture Capitalist and finally a Social Entrepreneur.


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