Israel Cultural Tour

The Pace University class for the Israel Travel Course had a cultural tour of Israel’s ancient city of Jerusalem. This ancient city is considered sacred to the three major western religions – Chirstianity, Judaism and Islam.

We started the day by travelling the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The freeway had the Palestine territory on both sides. Our tour guide Miri Levenberg showed us three view points along the way:

(a) From the first view point, we were able to see the City of Jerusalem with the contrast between Old and Modern.


(b)  Second view point gave an amazing view of the Palestinian border and the valley beyond Jerusalem showing a stark contrast between the green Jerusalem and arid Palestine. A far away glimpse of the dead sea is also visible.

(c) From the third and final view point we could see the Old Walled City of Jerusalem in more detail. Our guide talked about the site describing the history of Jerusalem. She pointed out to the various site:

  1. St. Peter in Gallicantu
  2. Cenacle – Lastsupper
  3. Church of the Dormition
  4. El-Aqsa Mosque
  5. Pinnacle of the Temple
  6. Tower of David
  7. Western Wall
  8. Lutheran Church
  9. Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  10. Golden Gate
  11. Kidron Valley
  12. St. Stephen Gate
  13. Church and Garden of Gethsemane
  14. Rockfeller Museum


Later we had a lunch with Khomus and Chicken Rice at a local restaurant.