Chiasma with Medasense, Exalenz and Commwell

The CEO of Chiasma Fredric Price who had given our class a presentation of Entrepreneurship in general and Entrepreneurship in Israel had brought together a panel of CEO and Founders of entrepreneurial ventures in the Bio-Pharma industry.

The panel presentation started with the introduction from Dalia Megiddo MD, Managing Partner, Expedio Ventures. She spoke about the general entrepreneurial scene in Israel and the important attributes of entrepreneurs and what VCs expect from the entrepreneurs.

Later Ms. Galit Zuckerman, CEO Medasense Biometric Ltd., talked about her experience of being an entrepreneur. The two most fascinating parts of her presentation were:

  1. The cycles when she as an entrepreneur needed to raise money from the VCs and the concept of “Financeable Milestone”. In case of her business this milestone was to conduct clinical trials before entering the market.
  2. The product developed by her company Medasense which includes a device attached to the finger of the patient and is used to detect the degree of pain experienced by the patient. The whole logic behind the analysis was extremely fascinating.

The next presenter was Steven Eitan, CEO, Exalenz discussed about the innovative product “The BreathID” which can test disorders like H.pylori through non-invasive breath testing. The process of testing involved patients drinking a potion based on the earlier testing for a particular disease. The patient would then breath through tubes and a machine attached to the tube would analyze the particles in the breath to diagnose the disease.

Dana Gelbaum, VP Commercial Planning, Chiasma gave the next presentation regarding the innovative oral pill that Chiasma was developing to replace injectable drugs. Chiasma was performing cutting edge R&D in this field and had successfully tested most of its products and had won FDA approval.

The final presentation was from the Daniel David, Commwell Medical who discussed about the products of the company which could be used by patients remain in touch with the doctor for observation and also stay at comfort of their homes. The observation of the patient would be done through the device which are in the form of a hand glove called the Physio Glove and a chair Health-e-Care. These product send the necessary information to the doctor remotely located in a hospital.